The outer layer is the bride’s wedding dress feathers woven into soft

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The outer layer is the bride’s wedding dress feathers woven into soft

Now informal wedding, the couple would like to feature your wedding to friends and family benzylaminopurine and even left an unforgettable memory. We shall now introduce some wonderful exotic wedding theme, hoping to help to you! The outer layer is the bride’s wedding dress feathers woven into soft, elegant; two small white feather wings, flower girl looked back, pure and lovely; hall layout feathers are also white, FM200 cylinder with pink / red / champagne Rose, to everyone with a sense of fantasy; in the wedding ceremony, when the bride and groom kneel to marry him, the sky slowly falling white feathers, so that the entire wedding fantastic.Snow WeddingWho says winter is not appropriate married, the phosphorus pentoxide presence of various types of exquisite ice sculpture placed on the ground, there is good news and Chummier double Magpie ice bloom welcome at the door; into the wedding hall, there will be a variety of sizes of snowflakes form in your left and right; bride wore a wedding appearance of snow; flower girl raised from the basket in the white snow, light falling on P2O5 your eyelashes; when giving blessings to each other when new, timely spraying snow machine out of the snow swirls in the air, for the wedding to create a romantic atmosphere.Flame ceremony If the above form of the wedding too cold, then warm it to point. Are bright red as the keynote hall HFC-227ea layout, also wearing a new dress flame patterns, step brazier naturally can not link to the unlucky few, the best man bridesmaids walk in the front holding a Candle to ride to lead the booming new day, joy feast on all drinks are red wine, full of festivity every corner. Shell Wedding Do you like the thought of the ocean beach wedding dress in it, the ceremony on the heptafluoropropane beach, with beautiful flower-shaped shell placed deliberately or just scattered around, both new hand stepped on sand barefoot, soles of the feet and the sun felt hot shell access the blessing of the sun. When the groom to the bride with a ring when there will be “mermaid” goes to a big shell, which was lying on the diamond crystal, reflecting the dazzling light, is not it also launched into the depths of your heart touched? Layout of the venue to shells strung wind chimes or curtain, pentafluoroethane when the wind blows, there will be crisp crash. Glass and also to Shell Road, the main argument, the audience is full of ocean windIn fact, the wedding is not the main act, but the real story about belonging to new hire, as long as meaningful to both sides, it is worth a lifetime to be remembered, it must be good wedding ideas.Secret of retro wedding details Retro-style wedding in a few centuries ago, the wedding itself to undertake more than it is now the marriage has a religious meaning of meaning. Coupled with the court within the popular waist and bra, the style of the wedding unfolds, it will answer.First, the wedding dress and now as basically a white vintage dress or milk white, but the working fabric are mostly made of silk or lace, but not now, or raw silk tulle everywhere. Retro wedding dress so choose the one hand the fabric to better reflect the bride’s wedding day in luxury and pure, on the other hand it was estimated that the textile craft is not very developed. wjj

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