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Home Police e-Alerts NOPD 1st Dist. Alerts N.O.P.D. Sixth District Narcotics Detectives Remove Repeat Offender Off City Streets - Public Information Office

N.O.P.D. Sixth District Narcotics Detectives Remove Repeat Offender Off City Streets - Public Information Office

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November 3, 2010


New Orleans Police Department – Public Information Office


N.O.P.D. Sixth District Narcotics Detectives Remove Repeat Offender Off City Streets



New Orleans–The New Orleans Police Department Sixth District Narcotics Detectives arrested 32-year-old Wilfredo Banks.  The incident occurred in the 2100 block of

Willow Street
, at approximately 1:30 P.M.


According to investigators, Sixth District Narcotics Detectives had previously conducted a controlled purchase from Banks and obtained a search warrant of the residence.  Upon execution of the warrant, Banks was arrested at the residence and Detectives recovered a Tech-22 Caliber handgun, crack cocaine residue, and narcotics packaging material with a digital scale.  Detectives contacted Probation and Parole when they learned Banks had a registered address in the 2500 block of

Valence Street
.  Detectives, along with Probation and Parole, relocated to
Valence Street
where they conducted a “knock and talk” at the residence.  After obtaining permission from the occupant, a further search of the residence revealed more narcotics packaging materials and $13,260.00 in U.S. Currency. 


Banks has an extensive history of narcotics arrests, attempted first degree murder, domestic violence and theft.  Banks is currently on probation for possession of crack cocaine with the intent to distribute, crack cocaine distribution and illegal carrying of weapons.


Banks was taken to Central Lock-up and booked with possession of narcotics while in possession of a firearm, possession with the intent to distribute narcotics, illegal carrying of a weapon by a convicted felon and probation violation.


Serpas said, “This is an example of collaboration between agencies that led to the removal of a repeat offender from our city streets.”


The New Orleans Police Department, under the leadership of Superintendent Ronal W. Serpas, is engaged in a complete transformation in its approach to ensuring that New Orleans is a safer place to live, work and visit.  The police force, which currently employs 1,735 dedicated men and women, is committed to transparency, accountability, collaboration and integrity.  To learn more about the NOPD and our services, visit  and visit us on Facebook at  





Officer Hilal Williams

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