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The New Orleans Police Department-Public Information Office

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November 24, 2010




The New Orleans Police Department-Public Information Office




NOPD’s Narcotics and Task Force Units Investigated 1,695 Complaints, and Made 36 Narcotics Cases in Seven Days    


NEW ORLEANS - The New Orleans Police Department’s Narcotics and Task Force Units investigated approximately 1,695 complaints.  As a result the NOPD’s Task Force Units, they conducted 11 Search Warrants, investigated 23 Felony cases, conducted 759 Vehicle Checks resulting in 289 citations, and 36 Narcotics cases.  They confiscated six guns, numerous amounts of Crack, Marijuana, Crack Cocaine, Powder Cocaine, and Heroin.


These results are from November 14, 2010 thru November 20, 2010. 


First District Narcotics and Task Force Units investigated 300 complaints, made 34 cases for 11 Felony, 14 Misdemeanor and nine Municipal violations.  The units wrote 23 reports, made 337 pedestrian contacts, 20 field interviews, stopped 201 vehicles, wrote 85 citations, and made 17 traffic arrests.  They executed two search warrants, 11 Narcotics cases confiscating one gun, Marijuana, and Crack Cocaine.             


Second District Narcotics and Task Force Units investigated 379 complaints, two hot line complaints, made 24 arrests including one juvenile for one Felony, 13 Misdemeanor, and 13 Municipal violations and one Truant violator.  They made 403 pedestrian contacts, 50 field interviews, wrote 16 reports, conducted 221 vehicle stops, issued 46 citations, and made seven traffic arrests.  The units conducted six wanted checks, made three narcotics cases, confiscating Marijuana, Crack Cocaine, Heroin and seizing $320.00 in cash.            


Third District Narcotics and Task Force Units investigated 205 complaints, arrested 22 persons for one Felony, 18 Misdemeanor, six Municipal violations and one Curfew violator. The units made 54 pedestrian contacts, 145 field interviews, and wrote 20 reports.  They made 112 vehicle stops, issued 61 citations, made 22 traffic arrests conducted two wanted checks and made three Narcotics cases confiscating Marijuana.  


Fourth District Narcotics and Task Force Units investigated 157 complaints, arrested 22 persons for 37 Misdemeanor, and three Municipal violations.  They conducted 41 vehicle stops, issued 14 citations, made one traffic arrest, and wrote 37 reports.  They conducted 50 field interviews, 95 pedestrian contacts, and confiscated Marijuana. 


Fifth District Narcotics and Task Force Units investigated 101 complaints, one hot line complaint, made six arrests for two Felony, six Misdemeanor, and four Municipal violations.  They conducted 21 vehicle checks, issued 31 citations, and wrote nine reports.  The units made 30 pedestrian contacts, 33 field interviews, and made two narcotics cases confiscating Marijuana, and Crack Cocaine.


Sixth District Narcotics and Task Force Units investigated 125 complaints, one hot line complaint, made 15 arrests for five Felony, 11 Misdemeanor, and four Municipal violations. They conducted 21 vehicle checks, issued 10 citations, made three traffic arrest and wrote 13 reports.  The units conducted seven wanted checks, made 30 pedestrian contacts, and 30 field interviews.  They executed two search warrants, and made six narcotics cases confiscating Marijuana, Heroin, Crack, and seized $85.00 in cash.

Sixth District Narcotics Squad continued their work responding to numerous citizen complaints and NOMPAC complaints received regarding narcotic activity at the intersection of Constance and Terpsichore Streets.  Detectives were then able to successfully execute a search warrant on 1408 Constance and

1410 Constance Street
.  Detectives located 8.70 grams of marijuana packaged for distribution, $85.00 US Currency and placed the suspect of the investigation 20-year-old Jarret Morris under arrest for Possession With Intent To Distribute Marijuana and Heroin.


Seventh District Narcotics and Task Force Units investigated 292 complaints, one hot line complaint, and four previous complaints.  They made 16 arrests for three Felony, eight Misdemeanors, and two Municipal violations.  They made 169 pedestrian contacts, 141 field interviews and wrote 11 reports.  The units stopped 113 vehicles, wrote 16 citations, conducted five wanted checks, seven search warrants, made five narcotic cases confiscating, Marijuana and Powder Cocaine.

On November 21, 2010, Task Force officers responded to a call of five African-American males, wearing dark clothing pulling on car door handles in the Michoud area.  The officers canvassed the area for the subjects, but met with negative results.  On that same morning, the officers learned that the residence of 4918 Toulon Street had been burglarized.  The officers continued their investigation and developed a subject, who was later identified as the neighbor’s 15 year-old son.  Sergeant Michael Stalbert conducted the investigation, with assistance of Detectives Jason Thomas and Donald Sharp.  Together, the officers develop a line of communication with the juvenile, while his parents were present.  The officers conducted their investigation and arrested the 15-year-old male for Residential Burglary.

Sergeant Kristi Bagneris along with officers Damond Davis and James Kish responded to a call from a taxi company that an armed robbery was in progress at

7830 Bass Street
. The officers responded and observed two African-American males approaching a taxi cab. Upon observing the officers the armed subjects fled.  Officers Davis apprehended one subject outside and the other was found inside a residence nearby. Both guns were recovered from the suspects.                                                                                                                                                          

Eighth District Narcotics and Task Force Units investigated 136 complaints, made 11 cases for three Felony, four Misdemeanor, and seven Municipal violations.  They conducted 29 vehicle checks, issued 26 citations, and wrote four reports. They conducted 97 field interviews, 90 pedestrian contacts, and confiscated Marijuana.     


The Narcotics and Task Force Units began in July of 2010 and have investigated approximately 29,148 complaints, executed approximately 155 Search Warrants, made approximately 969 Felony cases, conducted approximately 10,894 vehicle checks, issued approximately 4,318 citations, made approximately 857 Narcotics cases, confiscated approximately 186 guns and numerous amounts of Illegal Narcotics.


The New Orleans Police Department, under the leadership of Superintendent Ronal W. Serpas, is engaged in a complete transformation in its approach to ensuring that New Orleans is a safer place to live, work and visit.  The police force, which currently employs 1,735 dedicated men and women, is committed to transparency, accountability, collaboration and integrity.  To learn more about the NOPD and our services, visit  

and visit us on Facebook at 



Officer Garry Flot












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