Aug 03rd
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Home Police e-Alerts NOPD Superintendent's Major Offense Log Major Offense Log - Saturday, March 17, 2012 thru Sunday, March 18, 2012

Major Offense Log - Saturday, March 17, 2012 thru Sunday, March 18, 2012

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   Saturday, March 17, 2012 thru  Sunday, March 18, 2012

       06:00 am to 06:00 am







#C-265781-12                                     64K/Armed Robbery (Knife)                                       Unit 891B

19:31 Hrs.                                            2500 block of St Claude Ave.                                       P/O Boswell


Victim: Subway


Gist: Unknown subject entered the business jumped over the counter and took the contents of the register then fled with an undisclosed amount.


#C-26607-12                                       34S/Aggravated Battery (Shooting)                         Unit 191B

19:49 Hrs.                                            1400 block of  Iberville St.                                             P/O Carter


Victim: B/M, 10-10-92


Gist:  The victim was walking in the area, heard 4 shots and discovered he was shot in the left thigh.  He was taken to University Hospital, listed in stable condition.


#C-26677-12                                       34S/ Aggravated Battery (Shooting)                        Unit 147B

20:30 Hrs.                                            D’Hemecourt/S. Genois                                                P/O Carr


Victim: B/M, 08-13-86


Gist: shot twice to the stomach and back.  Condition is stable at University Hospital.


#C-26793-12                                       34S/Aggravated Battery (Shooting)                         Unit 1790

21:45 Hrs.                                            4800 block of Chantilly                                   Sgt. Lane


Victim:  B/M, 11-04-1993


Gist: The victim was attending a house party when shots rang out.  Victim sustained a GSW to the side.  




#C-27216-12                       34s/Agg. batter/shooting                                             Unit 635c

0322 hrs                               S. Dorgenois/Washington                                            P.O. Brumfield 


Victim:  bm,,dob 12-23-1988


Gist:  Witness stated victim was walking when he was approached from behind by an unknown gunman.  The victim received a gun shot wound to the back and possible liver, victim is in surgery at this time.  Victim was brought to University Hospital via private conveyance.



#C-27311-12                               34C/Agg. Battery (cutting)                             Unit 317A

05:36hrs                                           4300 block of Downman Rd                      P/O


Victims:  1) b/m,,12-4-84

                    2)  b/m,,01-5-89           


Gist:  The victims were standing outside the above location when they noticed an altercation going on.  The victims intervened and a large fight started.  Subjects were throwing bottles and victim (1) sustained a cut to the back, victim (2) sustained a deep wound to the right side of stomach.  Both victims were taken to the emergency room at Slidell Memorial via private conveyance.



Officer Hilal B. Williams

New Orleans Police Department

Public Affairs Division

Office:  (504) 658-5858

Direct:  (504) 658-5862

Cell:      (504) 628-0547


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