Jul 24th
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Home Police e-Alerts NOPD HQ Press Releases Three Year-Old Child Dies After Care Taker Leaves Him In Car for Hours ( The New Orleans Police Department-Public Information Office)

Three Year-Old Child Dies After Care Taker Leaves Him In Car for Hours ( The New Orleans Police Department-Public Information Office)

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May 31, 2011




The New Orleans Police Department-Public Information Office


Three Year-Old Child Dies After Care Taker Leaves Him In Car for Hours



Child Abuse Detectives are investigating an incident where 23-year-old Genee’ Brumfeild left a 3-year-old boy inside of her vehicle for more than 8 hours today.          


Brumfield picked up her friend’s toddler at approximately 8:00 this morning and was supposed to drop him off at a Day Care Center.  She says she stopped at her house in the 600 block of

South Scott Street
, and left the boy waiting inside of the vehicle with the windows up.  At about 4:30 pm Brumfield’s sister went to the vehicle and discovered the 3-year-old inside unresponsive.  She immediately brought the child inside of the house and called police.


Emergency Medical Paramedics transported Brumfield to the hospital because she was emotionally traumatized.   She will be booked accordingly after she is released from the hospital.    

An autopsy is being performed to determine the exact cause of death.  




Officer Garry Flot       






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