Jun 30th
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Home News News Fox 8 New complaints against westbank limo company

New complaints against westbank limo company

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It's a day Katrina Tollette had been dreaming of since she was a little girl. On Saturday, September 19, 2009 she thought everything was in place for her 6pm wedding: her dress, her bridesmaids, even the Hummer-style limo her fiancee wanted to ride to the church in. Tollette had paid Hollywood Limo $350 for that ride in advance.  At 4:45,  the owner of Hollywood Limos called to say the driver was running a little late.

"It was only fifteen minutes so I really didn't want to argue the point with her," Tollette said.

Tollette waited at the church, while her fiancee Mike waited outside on the street. 15 minutes came and went. By the time 6:00 rolled around, when the wedding was supposed to begin, there was still no sign of the limo. Tollette called and called the owner of Hollywood Limo who supposedly promised a refund and that Mike's ride would be there momentarily.

"She called me at 6:15 and said he's around the corner," says Tollette.

At 7pm, an hour after the wedding was supposed to start, there was still no sign of the limo. Tollette says the owner of Hollywood Limo stopped answering her phone and Tollette's guests started asking questions.

"It was so embarrassing. People kept asking me where is your husband. Is he coming? People thought I was being stood up and my husband wasn't going to show," Tollette said.

At 7:15, after many guests had left the church, the limo finally arrived and brought Mike to his wedding.

"I cried so we had to redo my make-up, get me fixed up and put back together," Tollette recalls.

When Katrina finally made it up the aisle her husband to be had a message for her.

"When we were at the alter, he told me he would never stand me up and that he loves me with all his heart," Tollette says.

The Monday after the wedding, the Tollette's called Hollywood Limos to collect their refund. They never got it  and decided to sue. 

"On our court date she did not show up. The judge awarded me $1600," she said.

But Hollywood Limo has never written that check either.

This isn't the only complaint against Hollywood Limo. The FOX 8 8 Defenders and The National Council of Jewish Women have received  5 grievances, totaling more than $5000.  So we decided to do some digging into Hollywood Limos. Its owned by Kalisa Synigal, a woman who lives in this house in Harvey. According to bankruptcy court records, Kalisa Synigal has a lot more people demanding money than just her limo customers.

It turns out Synigal has been in bankruptcy court since at least April 2010. Creditors trying to recoup losses include Community Bank, Dow Louisiana Federal Credit Union and Jefferson Financial Credit Union.

Records show in December 2007, Synigal won almost $931,000 at Boomtown Casino. She arranged to receive her winnings in annual payments of almost $47,000.

Records show Synigal used those winnings as part of her loan applications to the banks she now owes money.

Jefferson Financial Credit Union's filing against Synigal says, "the annuity based on the mega jack winnings was cashed out, and that she will not receive future winnings." In another words, the $930,000.

But that's not all. Jefferson Financial's filing also shows Synigal submitted a tax return to them showing Hollywood Limo turned a profit of $115,000 in 2008.

But actually, according to the court records, that was a fake tax return.The bank says, "debtor has now indicated that that income return was in fact not filed with the IRS. In fact, she submitted a subsequent income tax return which reflected a negative figure."

Synigal's neighbors say although the business used to operate from her home, they haven't seen Synigal or her limos for quite some time.

It turns out the home is owned by Synigals husband Anthony.

No one answered the door when we knocked and no one answered the phone when we called.

Records show the Synigal's owe $1300 in property taxes. So for now, the Tolettes may have to stand in line to collect what Kalisa Synigal and Hollywood Limo owes them.

Kalisa Synigal's husband, Anthony Synigal, spent years working for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in the narcotics division. He was named officer of the year in 1997. JPSO never returned our call asking if he is still employed with the sheriff's office.

If you have a problem you need help with, call the FOX 8 Defenders and the National Council of Jewish Women at 485-NEWS.

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